Message from the President / Corporate Executive Officer

Message from the President

I am Takashi Saito who assumes the position of the President, Representative Director & CEO of G-Search Limited since this April.

By the rapid evolution of ICT society in recent years, the utilization of massive amounts of digital data has entered our lifestyles and expanding to a wide variety of worlds.

The data used in these worlds will infinitely expand and the value of data will change dramatically depending on which data and how to utilize.

In other words, it will lead to expansion of business, if you can analyze and use these data quickly and accurately.

G-Search has promptly been working on the data business since we established.
Also, we have been trying to collect and provide trusted domestic and international information for professionals in various fields in order to improve customer value.

For corresponding to customer's diversifying needs, I will promise that we keep offering to the customer best information and solutions by utilizing the experience and skills that we have cultivated so far in order to respond to customer needs diversification more than ever before.

We will look forward to your further continued patronage and support.

Takashi Saito
President, Representative Director & CEO
G-Search Limited
April 1st, 2018

Corporate Executive Officer

Hideo Shimonishi joined Fujitsu in 1989. He was responsible for development and operation of government systems as an engineer. Since 1995, he seconded to Fujitsu Parex and work for the business planning, production and sale of multi-media content. After the new mobile business started, he worked for the content oriented web produce business. In 2004, Fujitsu Parex was integrated with G-Search and he was in charge of web system development, building infrastructure of networks and web solutions. Through General Manager of Web Solutions department from 2013 and Deputy General Manager of Content Service Group from 2015, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of Content Service Group in April 2016. he was appointed to the Board of Directors of Content Service Group in April 2016, and inaugurated as the Corporate Executive Officer of G-Search in April 2019.

Hideo Shimonishi
Corporate Executive Officer
G-Search Limited