History of G-Search

Jan. 1991
G-Search was established by Fujitsu Limited, Heiwa Information Center Co., Ltd., and Fujitsu FIP Corporation
May 1992
Number of files provided by the G-Search database service surpasses 100
Number of corporate database service members surpasses 2,000
Aug. 1993
G-Search Ltd. Head Office moved to Minato-ku, Tokyo
Nov. 1994
Fujitsu Parex Limited was established by Fujitsu Limited
Jan. 1996
Introduction of "InfoWeb" (Internet Service Provider)
Dec. 1996
Web based database service launched
Apr. 1997
Number of corporate database service members surpasses 5,000
Oct. 1998
Fujitsu Parex "Web Produced" business launched
Sep. 1999
Nikkei Telecom 21 service business launched
"Avatar Chat" service, "J-Chat" launched
Nov. 1999
"InfoWeb" service transfered to Nifty Corporation
Feb. 2000
"Dialog", "DataStar", "NTIS" services launched
Jun. 2000
Fujitsu Mobile Phone Official Open site "@F Keitai Ouendan" business started
Jan. 2001
Over 150 of "i-Appli" services launched to "@F Keitai Ouendan"
Dec. 2001
"Content Integration" service launched
Sep. 2002
"Content Produce" service launched
Commercial content service through "au" mobile phone launched
Apr. 2003
Number of corporate database service members surpasses 10,000
Oct. 2003
Content to mobile phone service launched
Jan. 2004
SDI (Alert) portal site "Focus Service" launched
Jul. 2004
New G-Search Ltd. started with merger of "Fujitsu Parex Ltd."
Mar. 2005
ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System group certification obtained
Dec. 2005
Search product "Google Search Appliance" for corporate customers released
Dec. 2006
Independent service for mobile phones launched
Mar. 2007
Personal information protection management standard "Privacy Mark" certification obtained
Dec. 2007
Patent solution "ATMS" released
Sep. 2010
Digital book/magazine article download service "G-Search Mikke" launched
Nov. 2011
Corporate patent management cloud service "ATMS/PM2000 Cloud " launched
digital document delivery service "Mobile Library" providing more than 50 million academic documents released
May 2012
First portal site "Room of Intellectual Property Rights and Technology" combining information on intellectual property rights and technical information opened to public
Apr. 2013
"JDream Ⅲ", one of the largest science and technology information database services in Japan, launched
Aug. 2014
“COLABORY/Grants” service (internet portal site for research grants) launched.
Dec. 2015
“L-RAD” service launched to promote open innovation in collaboration with Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. and IKEDA SCIENTIFIC Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2016
"JDreamⅢ" started to provide the citation and cited information and drastically expanded the coverage of foreign literature.
Apr. 2018
"JDreamⅢ" was changed to a subscription service and the data analysis and visualization functions were added.
Feb. 2019
"JDreamⅢ" was enhanced by the renewal of “Quick Search” interface and the addition of the “International Patent Classification (IPC)” code.
Aug. 2019
“JDream Expert Finder” service launched.