Future Business Development

About Future Business Development

Since its foundation in 1991, G-Search has been collected and provided authoritative and reliable information from inside and outside the country for professionals of the mass media, as well as consulting firms, and also has been provided solutions to comprehensively support the process of information utilization.

In addition, from now on, G-Search is going to develop a new core business targeting professionals in the research and development field using the "JDream Ⅲ" service launched in April 2013.

Specifically, G-Search will provide solutions to boost the productivity, quality and global competitiveness of research in the science, technology and pharmaceutical fields.

Providing a Platform for Innovation

G-Search supports innovation focusing on the latest trends surrounding research and development by providing the science and technology document information of JDream Ⅲ, and the patent, marketing and business information (news and magazine articles) of G-Search Database Service on the same platform. A Quick Search mode that can be used without search experience allows researchers to access information directly and easily narrow down searches by specifying the type of documents, publication year and country, language, etc.

Linkage with Document Delivery Service

The link with the RightFind (online document delivery service) allows users to use the JDream Ⅲ to search through a library of more than 60 million academic documents owned by more than 140 major publishing houses around the world and deliver PDF files to the users within 5 minutes at the earliest. requested documents can be obtained immediately for research with copyright clearance.